TikTok Made Me Play It

TikTok was launching their gaming division through a 30-minute global gaming summit that would be broadcast worldwide. Eastward brought me onto the project as an Art Director where I would be responsible for crafting the visual language as well as managing a team of creatives to make sure the project was finished in the extremely condensed timeline. Despite the originally planned 6-month timeline, we now only had 45 days to complete everything. From studio shoots across multiple cities to crafting a virtual 3D world and designing hundreds of gaming-inspired assets, the challenge was immense. Luckily, we had assembled a team of experts who were able to adapt and thrive, showcasing their expertise across various disciplines.
Executive Producer:Jake Bulgarino

Creative Director/ Director:Kohl Threlkeld
Jamie Young

Post Production Supervisor:Jon Bougher

Line Producer:Rich Salamone

Producer:Donna Wood

Editor:Jonathan Kim
Matt Tanksi

Art Director/ 2d Animation:Laura Porat

Animation/ Motion Graphics:Beatriz Diogo

Design/ Animation:Jake Williams

3D Animation/ Green Screen:Will Mendoza

Director of Photography:Jason Krangel

Sound Design:Colin Yarck