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Laura Porat


Warren for President

In December of 2019, I had the honor of joining Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign as a full-time Motion Designer. I worked at the campaign headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. 

My responsibilities included creating animations for the campaign, implementing motion graphics brand guidelines and working closely with the Design & Video teams to give our graphics a cohesive feel. 

As the sole motion designer, I felt like it was important that the animations felt smooth, polished and accessible. The animations had to convey important information but also had to maintain legibility and readability.

Toaster Video
One of Elizabeth Warren’s famous anecdotes is about a time that her kitchen caught on fire due to a faulty toaster. We adapted her anecdote and policy plans into an illustrated animated video.

Animations: Me
Illustrations: Grace Abe
Designs: Stacie Buell
Sound: Mike Berrios

Blue New Deal
Elizabeth Warren has a plan for that. This video combined both live action interview footage and illustrations to detail Elizabeth Warren’s plan for a Blue New Deal.
Animation/Design: Me
Illustrations: Grace Abe

The Wealth Gap
The Warren campaign created a unique scrollytelling graphic explaining the wealth gap between the average American and the ultra-rich. My task was to turn their existing graphic into an animated video for social media.

Today & Tomorrow
On December 18th, Donald Trump was formally impeached. Since Senator Warren would be unable to campaign during the impeachment hearings, Today & Tomorrow was conceptualized to combat that problem.

Today & Tomorrow was pitched as a livestream series to be aired after each night of the impeachment hearings. Since Senator Warren would be stuck in Washington DC, unable to campaign through the hearings, this series would’ve allowed her to recap the impeachment hearings and inform Americans about the on-goings of the trial. Unfortunately the graphics never saw the light of day. 

Four Steps to a Warren Selfie
Elizabeth Warren is known for taking lots of selfies with people who come to see her. This video was made to show how exactly the selfie is carried out.

Instagram Stories

I created a series of templates that allowed us to post graphics of Elizabeth Warren’s best moments during the Democrat debates within a matter of minutes. I also created other custom content for Instagram stories/Snapchat to help spread information about the campaign. These were a combination of organic and paid content.


Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love animated .GIFs?