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Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to create many different types of videos and graphics for Netflix’s original IP. Here’s a few excerpts of the content I’ve made.


Castlevania is a Netflix original animated series. It is currently the highest rating video game adaptation with a 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. To create hype for season 2, we created and ran the Castlevania Twitter account where we posted original content, memes, retweet fan art and interacted with fans.

I was involved on the project from the very beginning, where I conceptualized and pitched several ideas that were later implemented in the Twitter account. I also created memes as well as original animations for the page. The account was a huge success in generating interest for season 2. 

History of Dracula
Company: InSync Plus
Client: Netflix
Creative Director: Paul Hoegh-Guldberg
Social Media Strategist: Ben Chinn
Jr Creative Director/Art Director: Harshit Desai, Andrew Maas
Lead Animator: Laura Porat
Animators: Nathan Zankich, Darren Dai, Sam Surtandi 

Link to original tweet
I animated this fake video game loading screen, keeping in spirit of the original Castlevania games while updating them with the more modern look from the TV show. 

A meme I generated for the account. It was hugely popular with over 11k likes and created tons of interaction between fans and the account. 

I created a parody graphic based off of Drake’s “I’m Upset” album. Apparently Drake saw it and loved it! 
I also created tons of .GIFs for Twitter/GIPHY use. 


Fauda (Arabic for chaos) is an Israeli espionage thriller TV show that airs on Netflix. We at InSync Plus were tasked with creating promotional content to market season two of the show.

This video was a huge yet rewarding undertaking, combining an illustrated art style with dynamic animations. I was one of the animators who worked on this video. 

This video was viewed all over the world and was featured on the Israeli national news!

I was also responsible for creating .GIFs and countdown graphics

I designed and animated several videos for Annihilation. Since Netflix owns the international rights to this movie, I created an After Effects template that was easily editable for Netflix’s international teams so they could translate the text into their respective language.