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Motion Collabs 

I currently run Motion Collabs, a collaborative effort made up of members of the animation community from all over the world!

Collab #5: Vintage Travel Posters. In teams of two- one designer and one animator- groups chose a place (real or imaginary) to create a travel poster mimicking the vintage travel posters from the 1950s. I designed the sci-fi desert scene. 

Collab #4: Quilts- 40 people in 9 groups animated quilts set to different film genres. I was in charge of the entire collaboration and also participated in the horror film genre. 

Collab #6: Shape Exquisite Corpse. 30 people separated into teams of 5 were assigned a shape and color palette and were told to go wild. These are the results! 

Collab #3.5: xin nian kuai le! Happy Chinese New Year! A few of us from /r/AfterEffects did an unofficial collab of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. I animated the dog and tiger. 

Collab #3: Tame Impala- Elephant. 20+ different people from around the world animated different sections to Tame Impala’s Elephant.
My section is from 1:17-1:25! I used After Effects and Cinema 4d.

Collab #1: 
Inspired by exquisite corpse exercises where artists will take turns finishing a painting together, the r/AfterEffects community worked as a team to make something beautiful together 3 seconds at a time. Each person was assigned 72 hours to complete their portion before passing it on for the next person to transform.
My part is from 1:15-1:19. I used After Effects and Cinema 4d. 

Collab #2: Walk cycles! Each member was responsible for creating their own walk cycle.
Mine is the Popeye-inspired sailor! I used After Effects with the Rubberhose plug-in.