Howdy! I’m currently booked until January 2022. I’m happy to talk about projects that start afterwards!

Project: Castlevania

Client: Netflix

Castlevania is a Netflix original animated series. It is currently the highest rating video game adaptation with a 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. To create hype for season 2, we created and run the Castlevania Twitter account where we post original content, memes, retweet fan art and interact with fans.

I was involved on the project from the very beginning, where I conceptualized and pitched several ideas that were later implemented in the Twitter account. I also create memes as well as original animations for the page. The account has been a huge success in generating interest for season 2 which airs in October. 

History of Dracula
Company: InSync Plus
Client: Netflix
Creative Director: Paul Hoegh-Guldberg
Social Media Strategist: Ben Chinn
Jr Creative Director/Art Director: Harshit Desai, Andrew Maas
Lead Animator: Laura Porat
Animators: Nathan Zankich, Darren Dai, Sam Surtandi 

Link to original tweet
I animated this fake video game loading screen, keeping in spirit of the original Castlevania games while updating them with the more modern look from the TV show. 

A meme I generated for the account. It was hugely popular with over 11k likes and created tons of interaction between fans and the account. 

I created a parody graphic based off of Drake’s “I’m Upset” album. Apparently Drake saw it and loved it! 
I also created tons of .GIFs for Twitter/GIPHY use.