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Laura Porat


Biden-Harris Presidential Transition

After the Biden campaign came to an end, I was asked to stay on and work for the Transition team. This meant that, for some reason, I was in the same zoom calls as Ron Klain and Susan Rice.

The primary objectives of transition was to announce President-Elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks and inform the American people what his vision for the country was once he took office on January 20th.

National Security Slate
I designed, animated and edited this video announcing Biden’s selections for his National Security appointments. It was the highest performing video we put out with over 4.7 million views.

Economic Slate
I designed, animated and edited this video highlighting Biden’s picks for his Economic team. 

Tony Blinken
In addition to doing full announcement slates, we also created individual videos for Biden’s prominent cabinet nominations. I edited this video for Tony Blinken, highlighting his background and previous experience. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
In addition to creating videos about President-Elect Biden’s cabinet selections, I also created animated videos explaining his plans for when he entered office. I created this motion graphics explainer that explained his plan for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.  

In conclusion, in the period from post-campaign to Inauguration Day, we scripted, filmed, edited, animated and shared over 32 videos just for cabinet nominations and appointees with over 23 million views across different platforms.